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Dehumidifier for Bathroom Cubic Feet Electic Mini Home

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  •  HIGH-EFFICIENCY: Compact portable dehumidifier with a 16-ounce water tank can quickly and efficiently remove up to 9 ounces of water per day from your place. Optimal operating temperature is 59-86°F.
  • ★ COMPACT & QUIET: Whisper-quiet Lightweight dehumidifier is below 30 dB with no annoying sound, offer quiet and sound sleeping, which is perfect for small rooms and poorly ventilated areas. Creates enjoyable and more comfortable for your family.
  • ★ AUTO SHUT-OFF: Using Thermo-electric Peltier technology, the mini dehumidifier ensures maximum water extraction with minimum power use.Automatically shuts off when maximum capacity reached with an indicator light, prevent an overflow of collected water.
  • ★ SAVE SPACE & PORTABLE: Small size dehumidifier takes 9 Ounces Per Day, Ideal for your bathroom, kitchen, small room, grow room, storage room and RV.
  • ★ EASY TO WORK: Easy to operate, connect power, touch power to work. Simple one-button control, easy to use to provide you a life of ease.

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