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Smart Home Application

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Number of control paths: 1-course / 2-course / 3-course
Function: touch + Wi-Fi APP
Wifi remote control: turn on / off lights from everywhere
Application Support: Free iOS and Android Mobile App (Smart Life)
Compatibility: Used with Amazon Alexa Google Home
Independent check: check each group individually
Synchronization state: Real-time device is provided on APP
Timing: Set the reservation / countdown timer to open / close at a specific time
Dimensions: 86 × 86 × 34 mm
Power supply: 110 V-220 V 50-60Hz
This is a Glass panel touch light switch + WIFI APP remote control, the main use of the EU Standard of the country: Most Europe Countries, Most African Countries, most Middle East Countries, South Korea, Chile, Paraguay, etc.
1) The switch can be electrified by the fire line and the zero line. The wall switches in some homes may not have neutral lines. please check before placing the order.

1. Tempered glass panel, hard surface, dustproof, easy to clean.
2. refractory.
3. You can use the switch button with wet hand.
4. Sensitive touch, strong touch, capacitive touch effect.
5. Surface LED light, red is on (clear), blue is off (dark).
6. WIFI connection, remote intelligent control of mobile APP (support android and ios apps: doodle smart and smart life)

Package Included:

1* (Smart Home Application)

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