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1. hand-held long handle lock brush starts from every corner lock flat brush head, extends the handle, penetrates into the slot, easy to absorb dust, hair;
2. Flat brush head easily penetrates into the crack dust, hair and wipes away.
3. Extend the handle to adjust the height easily.
4. The flexible and strong handle is made of PP material, which is strong and durable, smooth and bare, comfortable and clean.
5. Giving 10 pieces of non-woven fabric to absorb dirt and hair easily.
6. The brush head clamp design is convenient for disassembly and installation of non-woven fabrics, cleaner and less time-consuming.
7. The tail hanging hole is designed with a hanging hole on the tail, which can be hung after use to save space.

Material: PP + non-woven fabric / non-woven fabric
Weight: Handle + non-woven fabric: about 94g
Non-woven fabric: about 29g

Size: Handle + non-woven fabric: 65.5 * 7 cm / 25.79 * 2.76 "
Non-woven: 29 * 21 cm / 11.42 * 8.27"
Color: White, pink, blue

Package Included:

10* (Non-woven Fabric)
1* (Set of Handle + Non-woven Fabric)

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