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LED Motion Sensor Night Light Battery

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  1. Motion Sensor Light - Automatically turns on when motion is activated in the dark and turns off after 20 seconds without motion detection. Set of 6 LED night lights with super bright battery, higher cost performance and energy efficiency. Battery Powered: Powered by 3 AAA batteries, no cable for closet, ladder, any indoor wall use. Easy installation: magnet integrated to the metal surface or double-sided adhesive pad to stick it anywhere.
  2. Specs: LED Quantity: 6 LEDs. > Output lumens: 20 lm. LED lifespan: 10,000 hours. Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (not included). Motion sensor range: up to 15 feet. Operating temperature: -20 to 104.0 ° F. Warning: 1. Please check whether the batteries have been installed in the correct direction. 2. This light can only be turned on in dark environments. The light does not come on if the light sensor has been detected by sufficient light. 3. If you use the alkaline battery first and then switch to the zinc-manganese dry battery, the lights may not work as the zinc-manganese dry battery is shorter than the alkaline battery. 4. Do not install 2 lights too close, otherwise it will not work. 5. The sensor light may not work if you use the infrared heater in winter. Infrared will cause a sensor failure. However, the light will return to work within 30 minutes after turning off the hv

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