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Protective Mask Washable 10 pcs/Pack

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  • PROTECTION AGAINST POLLUTION | SMOG | DUST: LOOKA MASKS are stylish air masks which are Double or Triple layered (depending on Design) for extra protection against pollution and dust particles.
  • FASHION: Ultimate Urban Fashion Accessory breaking waves in the Fashion Industry. Popularized by Kpop idols like BTS and in the Korean Fashion scene but also with major Streetwear brands too. With 23 designs, there’s something for everyone. Ideal for Men, Women and Teens.
  • SPORTS | OUTDOORS: Great for Outdoor Activities such as cycling, walking, hiking, jogging, running, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, scooting etc. LOOKA MASKS are well insulated keeping your face warm in the winter cold or blistery wind and protective against the sun.
  • REUSABLE | WASHABLE and FAST DRYING. COMFORTABLE | EASY BREATHABILITY: High quality made from 88% Polyester and 12% Polyurethane, allowing the mask to stretch and fit comfortably to your face. The lining is smooth and soft, ultra lightweight and folds neatly flat.
  • AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES: MEDIUM (best fit for Men) | SMALL (best fit for Women): Medium= Width of Face (ear to ear) of 300mm and Nose to Jaw of 90mm or more. Small= Width of Face (ear to ear) of 295mm and Nose to Jaw of 90mm or less.

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